At Modular Lamination and Metalwork (MLM), we’ve grown our business on some stringent attention to the values we hold dear. We’ve become the preferred vendor and source of knowledge for major office furniture companies in the West Michigan and Greater Grand Rapids area, who know that we will always go above and beyond to deliver quality products and superior and innovative solutions. Furthermore, we do it with efficiency and timeliness.

We are leaders in workspace manufacturing, powder coating, and supports. We’ve gotten there by providing each client with cutting edge technology solutions, as well as a superior and deep understanding of what our network of fabricators can accomplish. We’re problem-solvers, open communicators, and driven by the search for quality, timeliness, and customer satisfaction. When you call or email us, you’re dealing with real people, providing real-time solutions and fast responses.

Custom work is also where MLM shines. With us in your corner, you’ll see that sketch you’ve done on a paper napkin evolve into reliable, durable, and thoroughly thought out reality. In the world of work spaces, we know that the right colors and attention to style details are important, and we’re committed to making sure that your project reaches the floor with every piece of its design working together in harmony. Our pieces can blend seamlessly into any work environment, with custom features added at your discretion. We realize that small details like grommets and brackets are essential, and want to cover all areas of your projects. When you receive updates from us, you’ll realize that our experience and honesty ensure that the product you’re purchasing has been gone over with a focused scrutiny that is uncommon in today’s market.

If you’re in our service area, please call us or send us your ideas for your next project. You’ll quickly see that the MLM difference is why our customers stay with us and share our name with others. We’re proud to help your business move ahead with the latest in workspace products.

MLM is proud to be located in Western Michigan making us easily accessible to the Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon, and Grand Rapids markets which are flourishing with office furniture manufacturers.

MLM has carved our space in the office furniture industry driven driven by our desire to excel and innovate – both in our products and in our commitment to customer service. Our goal is to produce items that combine the latest in materials and design technology, while providing our customers with the ability to create custom pieces and solutions.


We’ve worked tirelessly to incorporate the best innovations and the latest processes into our worksurfaces, table legs, bracketry, bases, and powder coating services. When we say we expect our products to be reliable and handsome for years to come, we’re prepared to back it up. We have a commitment to quality and client satisfaction that comes along with being leaders in our industry, and we aren’t ones to rest on our successes.


It’s our attention to the big picture that sets us apart in the industry. When our customers need custom designs, we listen – and set out to expand our capabilities. From your first doodles, to our consultation, and our advanced sources and router technology, MLM is your partner in making your table legs and worksurface dreams a beautiful reality. We’ll literally have them taking shape, based on your specifications.


During normal business hours, expect a half-hour response time. Not only does technology inform our production processes, we use it to provide information and knowledge faster and more efficiently to our customers. We also ensure that we provide the correct contact information in all our interactions. No delays, no runarounds, just the best service and communication, always.


Another one of the specialties that place us firmly at the front of the pack? Solutions. Need help solving that workplace furniture dilemma? Talk with us. We work hard to provide timely and relevant answers, and it shows in things like our policy to return phone calls and inquiries with 30 minutes during our business hours. Your time is valuable – and so is our reputation.


How about honesty in our communication? We’re also leaders. Our customers know that our quotes will be accurate, our lead-time estimates will be precise, and that our exchanges will be grounded in reality. When we talk with you about the expectations and details of the processes that will be in involved in producing your projects, we’re speaking from experience and a belief that this is how business should be conducted.

Every piece that we manufacture and distribute is part of the MLM product line because we know it inside and out. Our bases and worksurfaces are the quiet stars of your workplace environment: sturdy, strong, well-designed, and reliable. We provide value and safety in both our stock options and our custom solutions. We also love a challenge: if we don’t have the right solution for your idea, we’re on the hunt. We’ll make it or find it. Talk with us about your unique idea, and about the space you’re working to outfit. We’re here to make it happen.


At MLM, we rely on efficient manufacturing methods, while we remain focused upon the future. Each of our processes are evaluated to ensure minimal waste production, and the byproducts are directed to the most optimal use as scrap. We are proud of our attention to the supply chain and end results of each aspect of our production facilities.


Everything we produce is built to last, built to work, and built to please. In a world of inferior products and lackluster customer service, MLM continues to stand out with the quality of every item delivered.


To industriously produce with scrutiny and focused attention to integrity and quality in every product that we manufacture and distribute. To ensure that all inquiries are addressed in a timely manner, and that solutions are sought-after, generated/found and shared with those that need them. To design and fabricate novel and practical products. To efficiently and effectively manufacture with minimal waste production and purpose for yielded scrap.​


At MLM, we are committed to excellence at every step along the path. You’re always dealing with real people, providing real-time communications and responses. We industriously produce with scrutiny and focused attention to integrity and quality. It’s seen in every product that we manufacture and distribute, from the materials to end results. We work for your satisfaction as well as your customers’.

Once our pieces are available to our customers, we ensure that all inquiries are addressed in a timely manner, and that solutions are sought-after, generated/found and shared with those that need them. We hear you, we understand you, and we respect your time. We believe in innovation, and we strive to always design and fabricate novel and practical products.

And, underneath it all, our concern for the environment drives us to efficiently and effectively manufacture with minimal waste production and purpose for yielded scrap.