Custom Built Furniture


From a doodle on a cocktail napkin to a 3-D CAD drawing, we are ready to collaborate with you and move your custom idea straight into production. Not only will you see your idea spring to life, we are committed to building something custom that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. We want to produce something that is exactly what you and your customers envision, and that performs in a way that fulfills your needs. At MLM, we believe that there should be no limits.


We are capable of customizing any part of your project, from the worksurface to a base, to a specific graphic… When it comes to depth, our selection is extensive. A particular material, color, and shape should never be something that holds you back.


Homag Centateq

Our newly-installed 5×12 CNC Router is capable of making any size or shape you can dream of. We know that the right custom size and shape can make a space work more efficiently and look amazing.

Don’t limit yourself to straight edges when you’re designing. We make plenty of rectangles, squares, and straight corners, but we also excel at custom shapes like tessellations, ovals, kidneys, boats, peninsulas, racetracks. From reception areas to classrooms to restaurants to conference rooms, we consistently produce table tops to fit the custom space, requirements, and the design aesthetic that our client desires.

If you have particular brand or look requirements, we are equipped to deliver items that are completely in compliance and of the same high quality we guarantee in all our products.


With your choice of laminate colors and textures, MLM can take your design to the next level. It’s easy to support the most exacting design requirements, matching the right surface to your needs. If you’re new to laminate surface options, you’ll find that the options will work perfectly anywhere. The look of stone, wood, and graphic design elements, along with any color you can dream of are available, and the finish options range from matte to glossy. Dramatic, calm, playful, or inspiring: we’ll source the right style for you, and give you plenty of options.

We also offer a range of edge options that address the practical uses and aesthetics for custom applications. Subtle considerations such as beveled or curved edges are what complete the look and make your work environment complete in both function and aesthetic impact.


 The ability to complete custom solutions for our customers goes beyond what you might expect. We’re prepared to consult with you on additional options that will make your custom installation even more satisfying to use. Grommets and wire managers make cable management simple and efficient. We’ll help you plan for your power outlets, make room for monitors, and provide for keyboard storage.

It’s the details that matter, when it comes down to a working design that performs well and lasts a long time. MLM will work with you to ensure that every piece of your project is accounted for, from handles to brackets, legs to table bases. We either stock it, find it, or have one of our talented network of metal fabricators build it to your specifications.


We’re your strongest partners when it comes to custom work. Our customers know that they can depend on us to do the research, make their project happen, and to communicate honestly throughout. Your inspiration and our steadfast dedication to quality, satisfaction, and timeliness make an efficient partnership, building the type of relationships that have our clients returning to us year after year.


Our team is ready and able to fulfill your next table leg, work surface, powder coating, or complete custom build needs. Click the button below to fill out our form and we will be in touch within 30 mins during normal business hours.