Powder Coating


MLM is pleased to provide powder coating services that help our customers achieve amazing results with color and finish.  Being located in Western Michigan makes us easily accessible to the Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon, and Grand Rapids markets which are flourishing with office furniture manufacturers. This process sprays a powder comprised of finely ground particles of pigment and resin onto a surface, where it bonds to electrically grounded surfaces. The heating and curing process then cause the coating to harden and become durable. It can make older pieces look like new, and last for years. In the last 40 years, it’s become a popular and effective process, now representing more than 15% of the entire industrial finishing market in the United States. With both functional and decorative applications, powder coating deserves even more custom uses. It can make older pieces will look like new, and last for years.


Powder coating is ideal for adding extra durability of metal office furniture. Daily use adds up, and regular paint doesn’t provide the thickness of powder coating. Items like metal frames that undergo a lot of movement, abrasion, and inadvertent damage are perfect candidates for this process. Pieces such as chair legs, lockers, benches, and outdoor furniture are great examples. Powder coating can be adjusted to the type of metal used, as well as the type of use your furniture experiences.


We’re proud to say that our powder coating is environmentally sensitive, with zero to near zero emissions of volatile organic compounds. (VOC) There is minimal waste from overspray, and even those small amounts can be recycled, creating a system of virtually 100% usage of the products. The production process is superior to liquid coatings in the amount of waste and environmental impact. The production process is superior to liquid coatings in the amount of waste and environmental impact, and also reduces energy consumption. When you’re updating pieces with powder coating, you’re not only recycling, but investing in an option that is greener.


With the powder coating applied as it is, the finish is consistent and attractive, without the drip lines and pooling that can be associated with liquid coatings. Vertical and horizontal surfaces will match and look outstanding, from color to thickness. Powder coating not only makes surfaces look new, it provides a level of finish quality that far exceeds even more expensive options.


Powder coating is an economical way to extend and refresh the life of all kinds of pieces. We can handle everything from small parts up to full size furniture. Our array of colors and finishes allow customers to achieve looks that might not otherwise be possible, and preserve them throughout their lifetime in tough environments. Stop by or call us to talk about the incredible range of colors we can offer you, and the types of work we’ve done for all sorts of businesses.

Powder coating can allow you to complete a difficult project with a budget that pleases you and your client. Office furniture, medical practices, fitness facilities, marine and aerospace industries, and outdoor spaces are just a few of the many applications for this process that resists damage and provides great looks effortlessly.


We can provide incredible results, all tailored to your needs for color and coverage. If it’s metal, we can apply powder coating, and the color range is limited only by your imagination. We encourage our customers to visit our facilities and get one-on-one service for determining the exact specifications for your project, look at color samples, and expedite the process. Powder coating is likely to be the perfect solution, no matter what the nature of your business.


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