Table Legs


Workspaces, conference rooms, homes, offices, classrooms, restaurants and cafes: no matter the environment, the right table legs are integral to making the design work. MLM is here to ensure the product you need is the product you’ll receive. Your great design ideas will arise of a need, once you consult with us to, we can bring your great design ideas to life.


There are any number of table support types that we can combine with work surfaces, creating the versatile environments that our customers demand. From stand-alone tables to desk returns, each component of your workspace has a distinct function and placement that can require a specifically fitted support. MLM has the knowledge and broad range of industry connections and fabricators to either directly source or custom design the correct bases you need.


For any design to work safely and perform to our high standards, the right support is essential. Not sure which leg will be best for a top? Have questions about the number of legs you’ll need, or the right placement? We have the answers. We also have color options you may have not known existed. For clients or situations with exacting requirements on matching work surface colors to bases, we are experts.  When it’s time to ensure that each component of workspace decor goes together in the most harmonious way, MLM is equipped to do the research, source the items, or advise on the correct solution from our inventory and sources.


We can find, make, build, or produce that for which you’re looking. Please send your drawings, bar napkin doodles, and specifications, and we’ll get to work on translating your ideas into reality. Our experience tells us that what our customers need may not always be readily available in a catalog, or even in their own searches for a solution. If you’re looking for something specific, please get in touch!


We’re committed to quality. When you purchase any base from us, you can rest assured that it’s not only solid, but that it’s built to last. Our team is focused on delivering the best to you, by keeping up with market and material changes. You’ll always receive competitively priced, purpose-driven bases and legs, and value that only increases over time. We know our repeat business will come from our satisfied customers, and that our reputation carries over to our new buyers.


It’s also possible to update and upgrade your space with new supports. Processes change, work areas evolve. As your business grows, we are here to help you keep your current workspace elements looking great and performing perfectly. No matter what the shape, size, use, color, or finish, we will assist you with our world-class customer service and knowledge. Your project is important to us!

We also understand that to stay abreast of changes in any industry, flexibility is key. We have both the expertise and the depth in our product sourcing to assist you when your space grows and changes. Talk to us about how we can assist you with updating and reconfiguring your space with an innovative solution. We’re committed to helping you solve every piece of your furniture needs, from fully custom to replacement parts.

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