Custom shapes are a specialty. With a newly-installed 5×12 CNC Router, we have expanded capabilities. Just name the shape – or make one of your own. We have the technology to produce it. Simply send us your ideas and the dimensions, and we’ll quote your price for a custom piece with our usual speed and accuracy. Our target lead-time is 2 weeks, but some projects and ideas demand more time to produce.

Let your concepts move outside the box – literally. With our custom pieces, you can also achieve rounded edges  and curves in your worksurface order. It’s easy to achieve the shape and proportions that will complete your workspace to perfection. Round, oval, kidney-shaped, boat-shaped, peninsulas – it’s our pleasure to supply you with a quote. We’re also just as happy to deliver straight edges. We look forward to receiving your sketches, plans, and photos.


Our fabrication technology allows us to create a superior custom design, and our team’s breadth of knowledge will ensure that all the details are covered. We’ll check to see if you need any additional cut-outs and answer your questions within a half-hour window on regular working days. Rest assured that our rigorous commitment to your satisfaction will cover each component of your worksurface order. We have the colors, thicknesses, and finishes to meet your needs.

We’re not content to stop there. MLM goes beyond excellence in manufacturing. In addition to our dedication to making your pieces, we are leaders in our attention to industry innovations and trends. It’s our pleasure to keep up with the best in new products, and we are delighted to share our deep knowledge with our customers. With changes in technology and manufacturing processes, the range of finishes, accessories, capabilities, and other features is always improving. MLM is always on the hunt for the best new options for our clients, and we’re here to guide you through any questions on the selection process. You’re in the best of hands.


MLM is located in West Michigan and welcomes on-site visits. Being located here makes us easily accessible to the Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon, and Grand Rapids markets which are flourishing with office furniture dealers.  For clients who are working with a strict set of guidelines, especially in brand specs, it’s important to see colors and textures firsthand. Similarly, rather than trying to see the difference in a beveled or rounded edge via a photo, it can be helpful to view it in 3-D.  We understand this need, and we welcome our local customers to take advantage of the opportunity to expedite their ordering process and enjoy our exceptional customer service in person. Our knowledgeable team is ready to welcome you and introduce you to the experience you’ve heard about.


Integrity is a key part of our company philosophy. We show it by respecting your time, budget, and design needs. We’ll work tirelessly to source the right products to complete your project, listen to your ideas with enthusiasm and deep attention, and then deliver the information that you require: promptly, accurately, and with an eye to your budget. That’s how we gain our customers, and that is how we keep them.

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